Case Study: Custom Nitrogen Generation Unit

The Problem

Imagine if you had to shut down production for a couple days, because you could not get nitrogen for your application.

For the world’s largest peanut butter producer, this scenario became a reality during the winter of 2017. With ice storms closing the highways, this company could not get liquid nitrogen delivered for two days.

Productivity tanked, forecasts weren’t met and their monetary losses piled up. To make sure they didn’t have to go through this again, they called us.

Our Solution

We built them an inert gas generator (which is a large scale, on-site nitrogen generation unit) and customized a package to ensure they could make their own nitrogen (30,000 SCFH to be exact) and control their own destiny.

Productivity is up, production costs are down.  After the first six months, they reported to us that they were on target to save over $400,000 in energy and nitrogen delivery costs.

Expensive contracts. Delivery delays. Safety concerns from storing liquid nitrogen. We can remove all of these headaches.

An Inert Gas Generator uses natural gas and ambient air to make high quality, ultra pure nitrogen for your manufacturing process.

This process is used in food and beverage production, pharmaceutical production and packaging, annealing, electronics and many other industries.

You may not need 30,000 SCFH for your applications, which is why The Titus Company can custom-design a system for you.

If you use large amounts of nitrogen — either in tanks, Kemp units or some other format — we can help you increase profits, reduce downtime, improve plant safety and have peace of mind that the next weather event won’t bring your production floor to a stand still.

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