Inert Gas Generation works in partnership with the Titus Company, designing and manufacturing large-scale, on-site inert gas generation solutions.

Founded in 1986 by Stephen and Donna Titus, The Titus Company has been in partnership with large and small companies throughout the Delaware, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania region.

Wherever inert gas is needed, we provide superior expertise and the capability to serve a wide range of needs for local manufacturers as well as Fortune 500 companies.

We gain our market understanding servicing Kemp Inert Gas Generators. We saw a need for custom solutions and we now are one of the only companies in the world that builds custom Industrial Inert Gas Generators at scale.  If your Kemp units have failed you, turn to us for help.

We understand that your specific needs dictate how much SCFH and PSI and N2 purity is required, which is why we will use your specs to custom design your application. We do not take a one-size fits all approach to customer solutions.

We are proud to be a custom manufacturer and look at each opportunity as a blank canvas. Our engineering and production teams relish the opportunity to do what other companies shy away from: custom create!

Learn how InertGas can not only save your organization money, but also revolutionize your production capabilities today!

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