Large Scale Industrial Inert Gas Generation

An Expert Team Delivering Custom, On-site Inert Gas Generation Solutions

The Titus Company Inert Gas Generator (TTCIG) is a customized large-scale inert gas generation unit built here in America and made to fit your application.   The TTCIG produces ultra-pure nitrogen for applications as diverse as food and beverage to pharmaceutical packaging to blanketing and annealing.

Whether you are making potato chips or plasma screens, the TTCIG can help in your manufacturing process. We customize each unit to fit your needs. We turn natural gas and air into inert gas for your application and provide immense savings not available through liquid nitrogen bottle delivery or old Kemp-style generators.  We have taken the staid Kemp generator and made it fully automatic and given it a cutting-edge upgrade. 

One of our customers was able to save more than $500,000 per year in production costs thanks to our work. We can do the same for you.  

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About The Titus Company

Founded in 1986 by Stephen and Donna Titus, The Titus Company has been solving customers' compressed air and gas problems for more than 30 years.

We maintain singular focus on providing solutions that work for our customers' needs and ensures their continued satisfaction.

The Titus Company is proud to serve military and industrial clients across the country and around the world, with an experienced, dedicated staff ready to help navigate the questions our customers have about compressed air and gas systems and the various components that make up these systems.

For us, our greatest measure of success is customer satisfaction. And after 30 years, our focus remains the same as it was the first week we were in business: figuring out the best way we can serve our clients.

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